New Updates on LogixFreight Website

As of September 2017, we updated our website There are some important updates in both functions and design.

First of all, our new website is responsive now. It means that you can easily navigate yourself from your phone, tablet, or any other device. Also, we added search function, which will help you to reach the content page more quickly. Click the search icon in the top menu to give it a try!

There are also various design updates. We updated our visuals including our icons and images. We have new color palette and new fonts in our new design. With light color scheme and sans serif font, you can easily read the content from your mobile devices. Finally, our pages are in full size width now.

For re-designing our website, we collaborated with Utopic Works once again. If you face any problems with our website, please reach us through the form at Contact page. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

LogixFreight Website is online!

Hello everyone! We just launched our company LogixFreight which is a division of Logix Customs Broker Inc. and we cannot wait to start working with our new customers. We are just starting our road and we are very excited.

Even though we are a startup company, we have high hopes for the future. We want to help our customers with their needs in the best way. That is why we created a team of experts who can help you with anything you have in mind. We value good communication and strong relationships between us and our customers because it is the only way to make our deals work properly.

We also provide well defined services for you. You can see detailed information on our services page and our individual pages for Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Road FTL/LTL and custom brokerage if you are interested. We have a worldwide network to make sure you will not face any problems during shipping process. We understand that our customers may have special requests or they can have products which need special care. We got prepared for such situations and we can handle your cargo delicately.

We cannot wait to hear from you and start working with you! You can request a quote from our professional team or contact us directly from our contact page. Hope to meet you soon!